Pakistan-US has a deep-rooted history of collaboration: ICCI President

Pakistan-US has a deep-rooted history of collaboration: ICCI President

ISLAMABAD, JUL 5 /DNA/ – Pakistan and the United States have a long history of partnership and cooperation, and both have always worked to strengthen it with each passing day. This has been stated by Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari, President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, while addressing a cake-cutting ceremony held here at the National Press Club in connection with the 248th Independence Day of the United States.

He said that the United States is one of Pakistan’s largest trading partners. Numerous bilateral trade agreements and investments have been made in multiple sectors, including infrastructure, agriculture, technology, and manufacturing. Both nations have cooperated closely on security and counterterrorism efforts, with Pakistan playing a crucial role in regional stability and counterterrorism operations.

He further said that educational programs and scholarships, such as the Fulbright Program, have enabled thousands of Pakistani students to study in the USA, fostering mutual understanding and cultural exchange. He added that the US has been a significant provider of humanitarian aid to Pakistan, especially during natural disasters like earthquakes and floods.

The ICCI President made mention of USAID and other American organizations’ contributions in development projects in Pakistan, including healthcare, education, and infrastructure development, contributing to the nation’s progress.

He expressed the hope that in the days to come Pak-US relationship will continue to grow in all the fields especially people to people and business to business which will go a long way in further strengthening this collaboration engagement.

It is noteworthy that a delegation led by New York State Assembly Deputy Speaker Phil Ramos and Chairman of the American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee, Dr. Ijaz Ahmed, also participated in the celebration and emphasized the need to increase the bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United States in different spheres including education, health and people to people contacts for promoting socio-cultural integration. They also urged the enhancement of media cooperation on both sides.

Deputy Assistant Secretary Phil Remus shared suggestions on how to improve the existing  bilateral ties and also proposed to declare New York as a twin province with Punjab and as well as Sindh.

 Phil Ramos praised the Pakistani community’s contributions to the US by emphasizing the need for strong educational foundations and people-to-people contacts to overcome barriers and foster closer ties between the two nations.

Dr. Ijaz Ahmed, Chairman American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC), stated that the Pakistani community is keen to invest in their homeland and called for maximum facilitation and cooperation for the initiative.

Alec Brook Cressey, Member of the New York Assembly, said that Pakistan has a better education system for nurses and Pakistani professional nurses can work in the USA on good salaries, adding that “We have identified schools in New York and Pakistan for cultural exchange and Pakistani students can learn history from an American teacher and American children as well can learn from a Pakistani teacher.”

President Pakistan Union of Journalists Afzal But said that People to people contacts and cooperation between the journalist communities of both sides must for enhancing this relationship.

Meanwhile on the occasion, Secretary NPC, Nayyer Ali and Finance Secretary NPC, Waqar Abbasi also spoke on the different expectations of Pakistan US relations.