Pakistanis in China wish to serve the country in a big way


YIWU, (China) Dec. 6 , DNA – Pakistani business community in China is looking forward to serve the country in a big way, provided they get the government’s support.

This was stated by Mir Faisal Yaqoob, a Pakistani businessman who have been in China for 24 years. He came here in 1996.

He told Gwadar Pro in an interview that in 2001, he set up his own company in Yiwu. Before that, he was helping with his cousin’s business in Urumqi.

“If we only talk about Pak-China trade, Urumqi is a hub for transportation. Xinjiang province is agriculture-based, so people there are much involved in the agriculture business.

Other things are not very easily available in the market.” Mir described the difference between the two cities.“Yiwu is a showroom for all of the commodities in China, where you can find products varies from needles to airplane parts.”

“Manufacturers like opening their showroom in Yiwu since more visitors tend to come here. Businessmen can stay in Yiwu for only two to three days and get everything they want. It can save a lot of time, which is the most important thing for trade,” he said.

Due to his extensive business experience in China, three years ago, Mir was elected as the chairman of Pakistan China Chamber of Commerce, while the chamber of commerce is still in the process of registration.

“More than two years ago, we put the chamber case in civil affairs with the recommendation of Pakistan embassy in China. We are still waiting for its final approval.”

“If we make a team, we can do big things.To make the team, we need supports from our government.” According to Mir, there are already more than 150 member companies in PCCC.

“We have already discussed with a few departments and business communities in China who want to do joint ventures or start businesses in Pakistan. We can also help Pakistani manufacturers get a platform in China and improve Pakistan export. These are also the things we can do for our government.”

“Pakistani government officials in China must keep in touch with the business community in China, especially the chamber of commerce and work together. Then we can do big things for our country, ” he suggested.