Pakpattan men arrested for hoarding 1,344 tonnes of wheat: police


PAKPATTAN, APR 17 – The district administration of Pakpattan arrested four men for stocking 1,344 tonnes of wheat amid the coronavirus lockdown across the country.

The stock was seized from a feed mill on Depalpur Road. The police had conducted a raid at the mill and arrested the people there. A case has been registered against them.

According to the administration, hoarders spring into action as soon as the months in which wheat is harvested approach.

The government has prohibited the storage of more than 25 tonnes of wheat. It is also working on a new ordinance to discourage hoarding and make the punishment against profiteering more strict, on the directives of the prime minister.

The ordinance has recommended maximum sentence of three years in jail for offenders. They will also be fined 50% of the cost of the items they were hoarding.