PALESTINE Condemns Ben Gvir’s racist calls to commit massacres and deepen extrajudicial killing


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemns in the strongest terms the continued incitement to kill more Palestinians under false pretexts and pretexts and to target civilians wherever they are. At the forefront of these toxic and racist inflammatory statements is the extremist fascist Minister Ben Gvir broadcasting to the soldiers of the occupation army and the extremist settlers, in which he assured them of his support for shooting any person. (Terrorist) Even if the lives of the soldiers are not in danger, knowing that Ben Gvir is trying to demonize all Palestinians and treat them as terrorists, in the ugliest call to deepen extrajudicial killing and commit massacres practiced by the occupation army in the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.
The Ministry believes that what the Tulkarm and Nour Shams camps have been subjected to for more than 36 hours is a brutal copy of what the Gaza Strip is being subjected to in terms of comprehensive destruction and targeting of civilians, including children, women, ambulances, medical teams and health centres, in a frantic Israeli call for help and calls from the ruling extreme right to expand the spiral. Violence and igniting more fires in the conflict arena, in light of committing more massacres in the Gaza Strip, targeting entire residential squares over the heads of their residents, abusing citizens, imposing displacement on them, and suffocating them with more collective punishments in the occupied West Bank. It has become clear to those countries that want to understand that the ongoing episodes of genocide and comprehensive destruction of Palestinian lives are the direct and continuous Israeli translation of the self-defense argument. Here the ministry wonders: How much do these countries want from the blood and lives of the Palestinians until they review themselves and are convinced of the necessity and importance of an immediate ceasefire, at least in a humanitarian manner, and are they waiting for the displacement of millions of Palestinians to realize Netanyahu’s true goals for the war?