Palestine welcomes adoption by HRC of Resolution on Israeli Occupation


Ramallah, Jul 16 /DNA/ – The State of Palestine welcomes the adoption by the Human Rights Council of Resolution 31/36 on the Database of businesses operating in or for Israel’s settlement enterprise in the State of Palestine;  

Today’s vote is a win for corporate justice and international law. It is a necessary step towards accountability for corporate complicity in war crimes;

The overwhelming vote is an affirmation of an international commitment to UN Charter, principles and purposes, including the prohibition of acquisition of territory by force;

The Resolution is also an affirmation of an absolute rejection of Israel’s war crimes of colonial settlement building, expansion, and maintenance as well as Israel’s ongoing annexation and aggression;
The State of Palestine expects the Secretary-General to allocate the necessary financial and human resources to ensure full implementation of the Resolution, including annual updates of the Database;

All businesses involved in Israel’s war crimes must immediately, without delays or excuses, uphold their international obligations and cease their involvement in Israel’s settlement enterprise;

 The State of Palestine will continue to take all diplomatic, legal, and political measures to hold businesses involved in Israel’s crimes accountable.