Palestinian Envoy calls for two-state Solution


The Palestinian ambassador sincerely thanks the people of and successive Pakistani governments for their steadfast support

ISLAMABAD: The Palestinian ambassador to Pakistan, Ahmed Jawad Rabie, said that implementing UN Resolution 181 — which provides for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — was the only way forward to resolve the long-running intra-Arab conflict.  Palestinians and Israeli Jews.

   During an exclusive interview the Palestinian ambassador said that the UN and world powers in general facilitated the emergence of Israel out of nowhere in 1948 (under Resolution 181) but left the Palestinians in a quandary just to face fodder.  The Israeli artillery and bombardment, which has left tens of thousands of Palestinians dead and hundreds of thousands injured over the past seventy-five years or so.

   He said that the Israeli forces continue to kill Palestinians in the occupied West Bank with impunity, and that the world is looking forward without doing anything to stop the bloodshed of innocent Palestinians, including children and women.

   Almost daily, Rabie said, Israeli forces raid homes, apartment complexes, streets and villages to hunt down and kill unarmed Palestinians, who have few weapons to confront the powerful and armed Israeli forces.

   He said that Israeli forces have set up 700 checkpoints in the occupied territories, including the West Bank.  He said Israeli forces have 12 checkpoints between Hebron and Beitlum, just 12 kilometers away.  As well as between all cities and villages.  “From this point of view, you can understand how the Palestinians live in a completely suffocating and suffocating environment,” Rabih said.

   The Palestinian ambassador said that the world, especially the United States and other world powers, claim to work for a two-state solution, but, in practice, they have failed to rein in Israel, which continues to seize more Palestinian lands.  and implementation of settlements.  “Israel, through these illegal settlements, wants to change the demographics (of Palestine), and they are working on the plan with the world watching as a spectator.

   He said that the Israelis even uprooted trees in the Palestinian territories and uprooted three million olive trees.

He said that Israel is working on a plan to expel the Palestinians from their lands,

   The ambassador said the Palestinians want their own independent state and have pushed the issue in the internal forum, including at the United Nations and the International Court of Justice.

He said that Al-Aqsa Mosque is under continuous Israeli occupation and allows Muslims to pray in the Grand Mosque with difficulty and harassment and attempts to divide Al-Aqsa Mosque.

   He said that Western and other countries are talking about resolving the Palestinian issue, but in practice they have done nothing to establish an independent Palestinian state according to the resolutions of international legitimacy, the Security Council and the United Nations.

He said that Tel Aviv has been under Israeli occupation since 1948 and Jerusalem since 1967 and that more and more Palestinian lands are being illegally occupied.

   The Palestinian ambassador expressed his sincere thanks to the Pakistani people and successive Pakistani governments for their unwavering support for the Palestinian cause, noting that the Palestinians always go to Pakistan when they are in deep trouble.