Palestinian minister calls for ceasefire, urges just national rights on 59th revolution anniversary

Palestinian minister


RAMALLAH: Minister Dr. Riyad Al-Maliki: We welcome the new year and the 59th anniversary of the start of the Palestinian revolution, and the wounds of our people are bleeding as a result of the Israeli war machine’s persistence in the war of extermination, destruction and displacement, where killing, destruction, displacement, starvation, the spread of epidemics, invasions, arrests and abuse are all crimes of ethnic cleansing that dominate the daily scene of the life of the Palestinian citizen. 

We renew our demand at the beginning of this year for the necessity of an immediate ceasefire, and we hope and work for the new year to be the year when the Palestinian people obtain their just and legitimate national rights to return, self-determination, and the embodiment of the Palestinian state on earth with East Jerusalem as its capital, and for security and peace to prevail in the region and the world.