PDM’s anti-state narrative won’t succeed: FM Qureshi


ISLAMABAD, JAN 19 (DNA) – Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Tuesday said the opposition alliance of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) was strengthening the agenda of anti-Pakistan elements and also promoting their narrative.

The PDM had in fact adopted an anti-state narrative and the government would not succumb to their pressure, he said in a statement

Qureshi said the PDM parties were trying to cover the rift within their ranks and for the purpose they were pursuing the agenda, which was detrimental to national interests. However, they would not succeed in their tactics, he added.

He mentioned that the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) was playing on “both sides of the wicket” and using the platform of PDM to achieve its own objectives. The party had categorically announced that its parliamentarians would not tender resignations.

The PPP was confused about its participation in the long march, the foreign minister added. He said some elements in Karachi were trying to misuse the seminary (Madaris) students for agitation and expressed confidence that people of the city would not heed to their such political gimmicks.

On India, he said Pakistan was showing the world the real face of its neighbour, which was involved in conspiracies and fake propaganda and recalled that Pakistan presented a dossier to the international community on November 14 revealing India’s assistance to terrorists. He mentioned that the report of EU DisInfo Lab was a strong endorsement of Pakistan’s stance about India’s nefarious designs.

The foreign minister said India launched a false campaign against Pakistan at international level, however with the leaked conversation of television anchor Arnab Goswami, the Pulwama attack was proved as totally staged. India’s Bharatia Janta Party claimed lives of its own 40 security personnel to gain victory in the election, he added.

The Goswami revelations, he said, showed that the irresponsible sitting government of New Delhi could exploit the situation to any extent for its own interests. Qureshi called upon the international community to take notice of India’s attempts to spoil peace and security of the region. He said the world had realized that India, once known as a secular country, was now run by a fascist Hindutva government.

Regarding Afghanistan, he said Pakistan wanted successful conclusion of intra-Afghan negotiations for the benefit of region. He warned that some elements within and outside Afghanistan were playing the role of “spoilers” to disrupt peace of that country.

Regarding government’s firm stance on Israel, Qureshi said recognizing it as a state was “out of question”. Prime Minister Imran Khan and he himself had stated at several occasions that Pakistan would not recognize Israel, therefore placement of banners by someone was merely for the purpose of politicking. =DNA