PHMM ensuring standard health service to Hujjaj


ISLAMABAD, :Pakistan’s Hajj Medical Mission (PHMM), Director Brigadier Jamil Ahmed Lakhair, on Wednesday assured that the present government of Pakistan, with the collaboration of the Saudi government, was ensuring standard healthcare services to the pilgrims this year during their stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where over 90,000 Hajj pilgrims have been being treated in Makkah and Madinah since May 9.

Speaking to the PTV news channel, he said that Pakistan had established two hospitals and 11 dispensaries in the holy cities of Makkah, Madinah, and Jeddah to provide healthcare for Hajj pilgrims, adding that the mission included almost all types of medical specialists, including cardiologists, chest specialists, physiologists, pulmonologists, pathologists, radiologists, and dermatologists.

He said, “PHMM hospitals are equipped with modern X-ray, ultrasound, isolation wards, and 29 lab testing facilities where minor procedures can be performed. Patients suffering from serious ailments, if required, are referred to Saudi hospitals for further treatment or any surgery-related issues in a free-of-charge facility.”

“In every dispensary, one doctor, two paramedics, and one pharmacist are present round the clock in different shifts, and each dispensary has an ambulance as well, adding that special awareness drives for preventive measures against heatstroke or any other heat-related illness are also being launched to educate pilgrims,” he added.

Commenting on the disease trend, he said, “The majority of patients are visiting with respiratory tract infections like flu, cough, throat infection, and unspecified fever; these are the ailments that were reported during hujjaj visits.”

He also advised all Pakistani pilgrims to take all necessary precautionary measures against heatstroke, following a severe heat warning issued, adding that no heatstroke-related patient was being reported so far as Pilgrims were advised to stay indoors.

He further hailed the ministry of religious affairs for conducting standard NTS tests for medical staff, adding that patients visiting the mission’s healthcare facilities also expressed satisfaction, enhancing their Hajj journey’s comfort and spiritual fulfillment.

As compared to previous records, a classified healthcare administrator and public health specialists with vast experience in command, staff, and training were appointed at various healthcare setups and institutions in Saudi Arabia, he added.