Piers Morgan pulls apart Kate Middleton’s Mother Day’s photo


Piers Morgan isn’t convinced Kate Middleton’s Mother Day’s photo was a recent photo.

Weighing in on the photo which featured Kate with her kids George, Charlotte and Louis, Morgan said, “I’m not convinced that the picture of Kate herself was taken the week before.”

“I know somebody who saw her that week who said she didn’t look anything like the picture,” he continued during an appearance on TMZ’s “Where is Kate Middleton?” special. “It was just somebody who bumped into her who knows her who said she looked a lot thinner than she did in the picture.”

He noted: “Kate is pretty thin anyway and she was described to me as being thinner than usual.”

Morgan concluded: “I do not believe that’s an accurate reflection of how she accurately looks at the time.”

The said photo was famously removed from major photo libraries Getty Images, with a “kill notification” due to it being “manipulated.”

Meanwhile, Piers disagreed with the conspiracy theories around the video of William and Kate shopping. Writing in his column in The Sun, he recounted that an American “media-savvy friend” of his asked him if the Princess of Wales “is dead.”

“‘No, she’s not dead,’ I replied to my American friend, ‘and yes, that is her in the video.’ But these two definitive, incontestably factual statements did nothing to allay my friend’s concerns,” he wrote.