PM asks Tiger Force volunteers to regularly check eatables’ prices


ISLAMABAD, Oct 11 : Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday asked the volunteers of the Prime Minister’s Tiger Force to regularly check the prices of eatables and post on their portal for discussion on upcoming Saturday.

On Twitter, the prime minister said that he would be meeting the volunteers on coming Saturday at Convention Center.

“From now till then I want our Tiger Force to regularly check prices of daal, atta, sugar, ghee in their localities & post on Tiger Force portal,” he said also sharing the portal link accessible at

He said he would be discussing with them the matter of eatables’ prices on Saturday (Oct 17).

Eariler, in another tweet on Saturday (Oct 10), the prime minister had resolved that his government would use all the resources at state’s disposal to bring down food prices.

He said from next week, the government would have its strategy in place and action would begin using all state organisations and resources to bring down food prices.