PM Imran Khan orders further relief for those earning less than 25,000 per month


ISLAMABAD , MARCH 02 (DNA) : Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has taken yet another step for the betterment of Pakistanis, those earning minimum wages would now be given additional support to buy regular use edibles for the household.

According to details, those earning below 25,000 rupees per month will be given 25% support in terms of subsidies and concessions on regular use products like wheat, sugar, maize, millets, oil etc.

The decision was undertaken in a meeting presided over by Prime Minister Imran Khan himself.

PM Imran Khan took the decision after taking briefings from representatives of relevant authorities and then issued directives to allocate a special amount for subsidised regular use commodities in the upcoming budget which shall then be designated to the needy and deserving.

Ministry of Finance and PM Imran Khan’s poverty alleviation team has been handed down the task.

PM Imran Khan on the occasion stated that it is his mission and obligation to ensure that no one in Pakistan sleeps hungry.

He said that the governments in the past did not care for the marginalised poor segment of the society and paid them no attention but the current government is looking to change that tradition.

He also said that the present government will become a shoulder to lean on for the middle and lower-middle-class of the society as well.

The decision would be implemented in the federal capital along with the provinces by the orders of the Prime Minister.