PM Imran Khan’s UNGA speech viewed more times on YouTube than Modi’s, Trump’s


After receiving heaps of praises from in and out of the country for his comprehensive UN General Assembly address, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech has now become the most viewed UNGA address as compared to other world leaders – including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Donald Trump and others – since it went up on the online video-sharing platform.

The premier’s speech was uploaded on September 27 and to date, has been viewed over 170,000 times, however, second comes United States President Donald Trump, whose address received 138,000 views after it was uploaded a week ago on September 22.

The US president made headlines after he accused China of “unleashing” COVID-19 on the world and told the United Nations General Assembly to hold it accountable, prompting Beijing to accuse him of “lies” and abusing the UN platform to provoke confrontation during his UNGA address.

Meanwhile, Modi’s speech was viewed 63,000 times after it was uploaded on September 26. The Indian premier’s address made no direct mention of climate change or of India’s rising border tensions with China following a clash in June when 20 Indian troops died.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ruler also stayed away from directly mentioning Pakistan despite PM Imran’s denunciation on India over occupied Kashmir and the New Delhi government’s Hindu nationalist ideology.

PM Imran Khan warns India against any ‘misadventure’

PM Imran, in his fierce UNGA address, warned India against carrying out any misadventure, saying “it will be met by a nation that is ready to fight till the end for its freedom” as he addressed the 75th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) session via video earlier last week.

“While the Nazis’ hate was directed at the Jews, the RSS directs it at the Muslims, and to a lesser extent, the Christians,” the premier had said, adding that the extremist ideologists believe that India is exclusively for Hindus and others are not equal citizens.

“The secularism of Gandhi and Nehru has been replaced by the dream of creating a Hindu Rashtra, by subjugating, even cleansing India’s 200 million Muslims and other minorities,” he had said.

PM Imran at length spoke about the RSS’s attempt to destroy the Babri Masjid and the massacre of 2,000 Muslims in the Gujarat riots. “And this was [Gujarat massacre] under the watch of chief minister Modi,” he had said.