PM Imran orders reducing taxes on essential food items


ISLAMABAD, FEB 17 (DNA) :  For providing the poor with relief, Prime Minister Imran Khan directed on Monday the concerned authorities to review prices of essential food items, and in particular reduce taxes on wheat, sugar and pulses.

The today’s meeting has required Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial authorities to immediately consider suggestions for reducing prices of wheat.

The wheat procurement targets will be doubled to meet the demand for wheat, and the Sugar Advisory Board will determine the cost of sugar through a third-party evaluation.

Moreover, the premier directed officials to take strict action in preventing smuggling of onion, wheat, and other essential commodities from eastern and western borders.

The prime minister further ordered reducing price of ghee sighting reduction in international market for providing relief to the poor.

Importantly, the premier ordered strict and speedy crackdown against profiteers who are responsible for spike in the prices of essential food items.

“The matter should be raised before the Economic Coordination Committee for implementation of the plan,” the PM directed, adding that stabilising the prices of essential food items was critical for giving relief to the needy.

PM Imran asserted that ensuring provision of basic necessities for the general public at maximum possible reduced cost “is his government’s top priority”.

He stressed on paying special attention towards gathering real data about stocks of wheat, sugar and other food items so that accurate estimates of supply and demand could be made, and advance arrangements for procurement could be ensured.