PM Imran stresses use of digital media to portray Pakistan’s positive image


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday emphasised the need to utilise the digital media as a tool to portray positive image of Pakistan as well as Islam besides spreading the voice of oppressed people of Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) across the globe.

Special Assistant to the PM Zulfiqar Bukhari and PM’s Focal Person on Digital Media Arsalan Khalid also attended the meeting, a press release issued by the PM Office stated.

The premier held a meeting with a delegation of youths from different fields and digital media in Islamabad. PM Imran outlined his government’s initiatives for youths, including easy loans and skill training programs, the anti-poverty Ehsaas Program and shelter homes for the poor.

He said the country has come out of the toughest economic condition with the reduced fiscal deficit and revival of the investors’ confidence. Khan reiterated his resolve to continue to his strife against corruption and mafias to the last extent.

The meeting also discussed national challenges, government’s measures to address issues and the role of media particularly the social media in the modern era. The participants also deliberated over opportunities for youths in the digital media sector, allied challenges and their resolution.

Talking to the delegation, the prime minister said the country had come out of the toughest economic condition with the reduced fiscal deficit and revival of the investors’ confidence.

He said after 1960, it was this government that has prioritised the industrial sector which would create job opportunities and support the national economy.

He viewed that the digital media could effectively highlight Pakistan’s immense potential in the tourism sector.

He said Pakistan had also been faced with numerous challenges on international front, but it had always desired peace and was also currently playing a role in this regard.

Discussing the PTI-led government’s strategy and initiatives regarding the growth of digital media, the prime minister said the medium had emerged as the most effective communication tool in this technological era. Even owing to the swift growth of digital media, the information flow knew no boundaries, he added.

He said youths having some knowledge and political acumen, were getting active on digital media and called for using the medium to highlight the positive image of Pakistan, Islam and the Muslim world besides promoting the Muslim brotherhood.

He told the delegation that the PTI and the government would observe Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5, as the fascist Modi regime was risking the regional peace and security to realise his dream of turning India into a Hindu Rashtra (nation).

The Indian oppression on Kashmir and amendment of the citizenship law were also the attempts to fulfill the racist designs.

The prime minister urged youths to realise the world of their obligation of resolving the Kashmir issue in light of the UN resolutions and aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

In his message to the youth, the prime minister advised them to work hard as “it is the key to success.”