PM pays half amount to use PROTON car gifted by Malaysian PM


By Naveed Miraj

Islamabad December 17 2019: Prime Minister Imran Khan has acquired for his personal use after paying government of Pkaistan Rupees 3 million a car presented to him on behalf of the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir Muhammad.

A Proton X70 automobile was delivered by the Malaysian High Commissioner in Pakistan to Minister for Commerce Razzak Dawood for Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The standard procedure is for all gifts received by government functionaries to be deposited with Tosha khana, Once the gifts are deposited they can keep its for themselves after paying the half the value of the assessed value of the item.

The car that is Malaysian brand and soon to be available in Pakistan through local assembling was assessed at Rupees 6 million and PM Khan paid half the value of the car and purchased it according to the rules and regulations.

This is the first gift that Prime Minister has kept for himself. All other gifts he has received during foreign visits have been deposited with the Tosha Khana. DNA