PM says corona infection cases lower than their assessments


ISLAMABAD, Apr 18 (DNA): Prime Minister Imran Khan Saturday said that contrary to their earlier calculations and analysis about the coronavirus infection cases, the curve now would not touch 50,000 mark till April 25 due to repeated lockdown decisions, however, he warned the nation about possibility of an uptick in the cases if all the precautionary measures including the social distancing were not strictly adhered to.

As part of his regular televised address to the nation over the Covid 19 pandemic situation, the prime minister said now the estimated cases upto April 25 could range between 10,000 to 15,000. However, he added that the period for increase in cases was now moved to the month of May and a surge could be witnessed during a period between May 15 to May 25.

The prime minister said when compared with the fatality rate out of corona cases worldwide, the Pakistani nation was fortunate one. The government took immediate steps leading to lockdown after March 13. These steps included setting up quarantine facilities for the Zaireens and screening of about .08 million people at airports, he added.

He said during this month, they would not face any difficulty as the health facilities in the country could accommodate the most intensive care related cases but witnessing the global scenario, there were fears about increase in cases during the next month.

He also reiterated that not a single case was imported from China.

The prime minister said the whole world faced unfamiliar challenge as no government on earth was ever prepared to combat coronavirus pandemic.

He said the Command and Control Center was making calculation and analysis of the daily situation with the support and input by all the stakeholders.=DNA