PML-N govt determined to promote tourism: Amina Hassan Sheikh

PML-N govt determined to promote tourism: Amina Hassan Sheikh

By Faisal Munir / DNA

ISLAMABAD, May 07: Pakistan Muslim League (N) Member Provincial Assembly Amina Hassan Sheikh has said that Punjab government investing in tourism, culture for economic growth. The Punjab government under the leadership of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif is trying hard to introduce revolutionary measures to promote domestic tourism by attracting more and more tourists. Punjab govt, have been doing their best to provide facilities to the tourists. Government also renovating and beautifying tourist and historic places.

She expressed these views while visited Taxila Museum. Member Provincial Assembly Mohsin Ayub Khan and others where also with him. She emphasized the importance of such institutions in fostering cross-cultural understanding. It was a truly enriching experience as each immersed themselves in the profound history of the Gandhara Civilization, marveling at its cultural significance and artistic achievements. She mentioned that this unforgettable journey through time wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated efforts of the Directorate General of Archaeology Punjab, whose unwavering commitment to preserving and showcasing our heritage continues to inspire admiration and gratitude. Their diligent work ensures that the legacy of the Gandhara Civilization remains accessible for generations to come.

Amina Hassan said that Tourism plays a vital role in the success of economies through revenue generation, job creation and infrastructure development. Many countries in the world have been earning billion of dollars in foreign exchange by strengthening their tourism industry and bolstering their economies. According to the vision of Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz, the task of making Punjab a center of tourism will be completed.

She said that now with the special interest, attention and guidance of CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz, important steps are being taken to promote tourism in Punjab which will further strengthen the economy and increase the importance of the country’s historical, religious and cultural sites. There is ample room to promote tourism industry in Pakistan, in general, and Punjab, in particular. The present government, under the vision of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, has paid attention to the promotion of tourism and provision of facilities to the tourists

Amina Sheikh, has set its sights on boosting the tourism sector by strengthening institutional capacity through better skill development. It also aims to boost economic growth and aid new job creation, besides improving the country’s image abroad. The Punjab government is determined to promote tourism sector to realize its full potential and is exploring new avenues to attract maximum number of foreign tourists.

MPA further said that the Punjab was taking all possible measures for promoting tourism in the Punjab and providing recreational facilities to the people. Promotion of tourism is the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Minister of Punjab. PML-N government in Punjab is diligently working to provide relief to masses, tackling inflation and improving the quality of life for common man.