PML-Q calls for an end to Israeli oppression on Palestinians

Israel continues pounding Gaza as it claims to hit 150 'underground targets'

LAHORE, Oct 29 (DNA): The Pakistan Muslim League-Q (PML-Q) Sunday
organized a protest demonstration outside the Lahore Press Club to
express a powerful display of solidarity with the Palestine people.

Former Punjab Governor and the chief organizer of the party Chaudhry
Sarwar led the protest.

PML-Q Punjab General Secretary Chaudhry Shafay Hussain also joined the
rally in voicing his concerns about the dire situation in Palestine.

The demonstration, which saw a significant turnout of PML-Q workers,
conveyed a resounding message of support for the oppressed Palestinian
people, who have been enduring decades of conflict and hardship in the
face of Israeli aggression.

Carrying banners and placards bearing slogans in favor of Palestine, the
protestors demanded an immediate end to Israeli oppression and called
for the implementation of United Nations resolutions addressing the
Palestinian issue.

Speaking on the occasion, the PML-Q chief organizer Ch Sarwar underlined
the importance of international solidarity by urging, “We all have to
raise our voice for Palestine together.”

He further urged the people to boycott Israeli products.

Addressing the atrocities in Palestine, Sarwar emphasized, “The world
needs to understand that children are being massacred, and over fifty
thousand people have already lost their lives.”

Drawing a powerful comparison to other nations, he questioned, “You ask
the international community what would happen if another country did
what Israel is doing wrong.”

Sarwar, who has visited Palestine ten times, recounted his experiences,
stating, “I have seen the cruelty of Israel there. People of Gaza are
living in a prison; their water is cut off, their medicine is cut off.”

Despite the grim circumstances, Sarwar invoked hope by saying, “When
oppression increases, Allah’s help comes.”

He also revealed a message from the Imam of Bait Al-Maqdis, “Our
children, our sisters, our brothers are giving their lives for

Speaking on the occasion, Ch Shafay Hussain said that Palestinians have
every right to be free. “Israeli oppression of Palestine must stop

He also extended the call for justice to the disputed region of Kashmir,
stating, “Indian oppression in Kashmir should also end.”

The PML-Q General Secretary Ch Shafay underlined the importance of
international solidarity by urging, “We all have to raise our voices for
Palestine together.”

Chaudhry said, “We demand that the United Nations resolutions be