PNCA celebrates Hussain Jamil’s reflective artistry

PNCA celebrates Hussain Jamil's reflective artistry


The inauguration, graced by His Excellency, Mr. Mohamed Karmoune, Ambassador of Morocco to Pakistan

Islamabad, Jan 5: Today, the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) proudly presents the highly anticipated solo exhibition by acclaimed artist Hussain Jamil, titled “A Mirror’s Tale.” The exhibition, hosted by the Visual Arts Division, opened its doors on Friday, January 5th, at 3 PM, marking a significant cultural moment in the capital’s art scene.

The inauguration, graced by His Excellency, Mr. Mohamed Karmoune, Ambassador of Morocco to Pakistan, and Mr. M. Ayoub Jamali, Director-General of PNCA, received an enthusiastic reception. This esteemed event showcased Jamil’s masterful manipulation of reflective surfaces, captivating patrons and art enthusiasts alike.

Spanning the prestigious Grand Hall and Gallery 1 of PNCA, the exhibition, despite the artist’s absence at the opening ceremony, conveyed Jamil’s profound appreciation for PNCA and its patrons through a heartfelt video message. His insights into the works and admiration for the institution resonated deeply with the audience.

Jamil’s artistic finesse navigated the enigmatic world of reflections, transforming reflective surfaces into canvases that mirrored reality while transcending into realms beyond. His creations, more than mere arrangements of reflective materials, served as symphonies of storytelling, weaving narratives through fractured and crumbled sheets, whispering tales of depth and intrigue.

“Welcome to a mesmerizing journey through the realms of perception and illusion,” shared Jamil. “My art aimed to explore the multifaceted nature of reality, where reflections became gateways to understanding the layers that cloak our perceptions.”

Each artwork in this exhibition invited introspection, prompting viewers to contemplate the essence of existence as fragments and reflections converged to compose narratives laden with hidden stories.

“We invited art enthusiasts, patrons, and the curious-minded to immerse them in this collection,” invited Mr. M. Ayoub Jamali, Director-General of PNCA. “Hussain Jamil’s profound artistic expression captured the beauty found in imperfections, beckoning us to explore the complexities of the human experience.”

The exhibition, running until January 20th, provided a unique opportunity to engage with the reflective artistry of Hussain Jamil. Additionally, upon the artist’s arrival in Pakistan, the Visual Arts Division planned to host an artist talk, offering complementary insights into his works and artistic journey.

As viewers wandered through this thought-provoking collection, they were encouraged to allow the reflections to guide them through a labyrinth of interpretations, discovering the beauty within the fractures and folds of Jamil’s remarkable creations.

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