PNCA hosts “Collective Ground” Sculpture Exhibition


ISLAMABAD, JUL 6 /DNA/ – Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) hosted a splendid new art exhibition, “Collective Ground ” a fantastic Sculpture Exhibition at the National Art Gallery by 30 prominent and  imminent sculptors across Pakistan on Wednesday 6th July, 2022 at 04:00pm. Mr. Syed Asif Hyder Shah, Secretary Climate Change kindly consented to inaugurate the exhibition. The opening ceremony was visited by dignitaries, VIPs, Ambassadors and students across Islamabad. Each Artist brought a different set of skills to the show along with their splendid works, in addition to showcasing their abilities in exploring various mediums. Each artist has a different practice and media along with their distinct visual language, projected in their work. This exhibition portrays exciting and contemporary artworks followed by traditional techniques. Collective Ground is about playing with the gallery space (indoor and outdoor) and providing an opportunity to the sculptors of Pakistan to amalgamate various concepts and materials. Following seniors  artists participated in the inauguration exhibition Abbas Shah, Mansoor Zuberi and Qamar Siddiqui were present among the guest at the inauguration. M. Sajjad Akram, Casim Mehmood, Komal Nadeem, Maira Hashmi Nazir Hunzai, Noor Fatima briefed the Chief guests about their work. The sculptors of Abdul Jabbar Gull, Akram Dost Baloch, Amin Gulgee, Anjum Ayaz, Ali Baba, Anusha Novlani, Azam Jamal,  David Alesworth, Faizan Naveed, Hussain Jamil, Hassan Ali, Idrees Hanif, Imran Hunzai, Jamal Shah, Jamil Baloch, Khushi Hussain, Komal Nadeem, Maira Hashmi, , Naiza Khan, Noor Ali Chagani were also included in the exhibition. The works of art are obtained from individual sculptors and some works of the National Art Gallery, Permanent Collection are also included.