PNCA pays homage to Ajrak makers of Sindh



Islamabad, SEPT 25 –  Pakistan National Council of the Arts organized a colorful musical evening to celebrate and pay tribute to traditional Ajrak makers of Sindh. Famous singer and song writer Saif Samejo with his band “Sketches” presented folk, Sufi and modern music which is his trademark when it comes to portray the rich culture and traditions of Pakistan. DG(PNCA) Dr. Fouzia Saeed introduced the band.

She appreciated their way of music and efforts to keep sufi music alive. She appreciated them being original in their work in this era of commercialism. Dr. Fouzia also highlighted the efforts of PNCA for revival of folk, traditional music and all kind of arts.

Saif Samejo is greatly inspired by poetry of Sufi Poets specially Shah Abdul Latif Bhutai and Sachal Sarmast. His songs “man moriya” and “JOGI” are clear indication of love and appreciation of Sindhi Sufi poetry. Famous folk singer “Bhora Lal” was there with him to create magic and spreading message peace and harmony.

Audience were also electrified by Sufi rock fusion in his own specific style. Their soulful and melodious music inspired everyone around. Upon conclusion the DG(PNCA) showed her gratitude towards the warmth of audience and their way of appreciating the artists along with observing the strict SOPs.