Police arrested 24 Proclaimed offender



ATTOCK, JUL 3 – Police have arrested 24 proclaimed offenders while recovered illegal arms ammunition,drugs and cash from gamblers during the month of June.

District Police Officer (DPO) Khalid Hamdani said this while talking to newsmen.He said that despite of coronavirus , Attock police kept continued its duties and arrested 24 proclaimed offenders from different areas wanted by the police in different cases, He said during different operations against the drug smugglers ,135 kgs marijuana,7.200 kgs opium and 143 liters liquor was recovered and cases were registered accordingly .

While talking about the operation against those possessing illegal arms,he said that during the last month 74 pistols , 9 kalashankovs , 18 rifles and hundred of rounds were recovered from different individuals. Khalid Hamdani said that during raids on different gambling dens , Rs 34.116 were recovered and for ensuring ban on kite flying,1435 kites and 81 rolls of strings were also recovered .He said that police would fulfill its responsibilities to ensure law and order situation in district and ensure safety of the people. DNA