Political behavior needs wisdom


Khayam Abbasi

Islamabad: /DNA/ – PM Kakar on Sunday, said: “Political behaviour requires wisdom, which seems to be lacking.” When asked if there had been any move to bring the PML-N into power, the premier replied: “To my knowledge, there is no such thing.”

He went on to say that the people would have known about the “decision” by the morning of February 9 — the next day of the general election. At the same time, the interim prime minister expressed hope that the election results would end the “uncertainty”.

Stressing the need to hold masterminds of the May 9 riots accountable, he said that the entire Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) should not be punished for the incident.

The day when violence was triggered almost across the country soon after deposed prime minister Imran Khan’s arrest in the £190 million settlement case. Hundreds of PTI workers and senior leaders were put behind bars for their involvement in violence and attacks on military installations.

During the protests, the miscreants targeted the civil and military installations including — Jinnah House and the General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi. The military termed May 9 “Black Day” and decided to try the protesters under the Army Act.

“Action should be taken against those responsible for the May 9 incident,” the premier added.

Responding to a question, PM Kakar said that the government did not have any intention to treat the entire PTI as an “enemy”.