Poultry, meat increases by Rs 70, 95 per kg

Poultry, meat increases by Rs 70, 95 per kg

ISLAMABAD, APR 08 (DNA) — The price of chicken increased by Rs 70 per kg, while the price of poultry meat increased by 95 rupees per kg from the start of Ramazan by March 12th to April 08 2024 (1st of Ramadan to the 28th).

In the month of Ramazan from March 12th to April 28th, 2024, the price of poultry chicken increased by 15 percent and the price of poultry meat increased by 17 percent per kg.

 On the Ramazan, the price of chicken was fixed at Rs 410 per kg, it increased to Rs 475 per kg, similarly, the price of chicken meat at the beginning of Ramazan was Rs 595 per kg, which increased to Rs 690 per kg by 28th Ramazan

Meanwhile, it was observed that on April 6th (26th of Ramadan), the price of live chicken stood at Rs437 per kg and the price of meat was 634 rupees per kg. It increased by Rs 38 and 56 in only two days and sold up to Rs 475 and 690 by Ramazan 28th.

In the last four weeks during the month of Ramazan, there was a 10 to 12 percent increase in the prices of poultry chicken and meat from normal days to weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, which caused severe inflation for the people during Ramazan.

Similarly, the price of eggs, which was Rs 220 per kg before Ramazan, increased by Rs 40 per dozen in the first week of Ramazan and by Rs 60 per dozen in the second week. Poultry is a major source of protein for the middle class and lower middle class in the country and the increase in poultry prices during Eid is a cause of concern for middle-class consumers.

Talking to the media, a school teacher Salma Hashmi, said that with the arrival of Ramazan, the price of poultry along with other essential items increased. She said that the government must form a committee to probe the reasons of this hike.

A hawker, Irfan Khan said that earlier, he used to buy chicken twice a week for his family, but due to the recent increase in poultry products, he is now unable to buy chicken and meat. He said that during Eid lower middle class will not be able to buy essential items for their children.

Meanwhile, talking to media, the former Chairman of the Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA), Dr  Sajjad Arshad said that the increase in the current prices of poultry was due to demand and supply factors. He said that many soybean ships have stopped at Karachi port, which has an inevitable impact on poultry prices. — DNA