Power-sharing formula agreed between PPP, PML-N revealed

Bilawal sees 'stalemate' in talks over govt formation

Shehbaz Sharif will be coalition government’s nominee for PM Office while Asif Zardari will run for presidency

ISLAMABAD: After days of talks, the two major parties finally agreed on a power-sharing formula under which Shehbaz Sharif would be nominated for the PM Office while Asif Ali Zardari would contest for the presidency.

The deal was finalised on Tuesday between the coordination committees of Pakistan Muslim Legaue-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) amid talk of blackmailing among the former coalition partners.

The agreement between Bhutto Zardari’s PPP and the PML-N of three-time premier Nawaz Sharif ends days of uncertainty and negotiations after the Feb 8 elections produced a hung national assembly.

The PPP chairperson made the announcement about the agreement at a late-night press conference in the federal capital.

Shehbaz Sharif, who was seated beside Bilawal, said the two parties had the numbers to form the government, and also had the support of other smaller parties.

PML-N is the largest party with 79 seats and PPP is second with 54. They, along with four other smaller parties, have a comfortable majority in the legislature of 336 seats.

The delay in forming a government in the nation of 241 million has caused concern as Pakistan is grappling with an economic crisis amid slow growth and record inflation, rising militant violence, and needs a stable administration with the authority to take tough decisions.

Power-sharing formula

According to sources, the PPP will not become part of Shehbaz Sharif’s cabinet at any stage but will get top constitutional offices including the presidency.

The party will also not take any portfolio in the Punjab cabinet.

What will PPP get?

  • Presidency
  • Senate chairman
  • Punjab governor
  • KP governor
  • Balochistan chief minister
  • Deputy speaker National Assembly

On the other hand, the PML-N will get the PPP’s support in forming governments in the Centre and Punjab. Nawaz Sharif’s party will also vote for the PPP’s nominee for the Balochistan CM office.

What will PML-N get?

  • PM Office
  • Punjab CM
  • Speaker National Assembly
  • Will get to nominate governors for Sindh and Balochistan

According to the Constitution, a session of the National Assembly has to be called by February 29 after which a vote for a new prime minister will take place.

How will the two parties coordinate?

Confirming some of the details of the power-sharing formula agreed between the two parties, PPP spokesperson Faisal Karim Kundi on Wednesday said that it will be Shehbaz Sharif’s prerogative to induct whoever he wants in his cabinet.

When asked to comment on the working strategy while the PPP is not willing to be in the cabinet, Kundi said committees are being formed for decision-making.

He said that the leadership will announce the candidate for Sindh and Balochistan chief ministers.

“We will not indulge in criticism for the sake of criticism but will do constructive criticism of the government.”