President Arif Alvi says no compromise on Kashmir issue


ISLAMABAD, FEB 27 (DNA) : Addressing a seminar titled “Radical India vs Responsible Pakistan” in Islamabad, President Arif Alvi said  Islamabad will stand by the Kashmiri people and will never abandon them. The President said Kashmir is unfinished agenda of the partition. He warned India not to carry out any false flag operation against Pakistan.

He regretted that Pakistan’s every effort for peace vanished into thin air, and the belligerent India did not reciprocate Pakistan’s gestures of peace.

He said we are proud of our armed forces, which befittingly responded to the Indian aggression on 26 February last year. He said despite having limited resources we have better defence capability than that of India. He congratulated Pakistan Air Force and the Army for defeating terrorism and defending borders of the motherland.

President Arif Alvi said Pakistan is rising with better human rights situation, successful operation against terrorism and improving economy. He said Pakistan is a responsible state and it must voice for every minority in the world.

He said minorities including Muslims, Sikhs and Christians are being treated with discrimination in India. He said there is problem in India regarding minorities’ rights and the international community must pressure the country for ensuring due rights to minorities.