Prisoners allowed to visit their families


DIG Prisons Saeedullah Gonadal said meetings with inmates at the prison were suspended due to the corona virus He was allowed to visit the families of the prisoners Four months later Prison inmates will be able to meet their families, their wives and children.

It will be necessary to implement the given SOPs to avoid corona Only your wife, children, parents, and siblings will be able to visit once every fortnight Social distance and all precautions will be taken during the meeting We met the wife and children of one of the inmates at the District Jail, Faisalabad,” he said

Prisoners have been suffering from severe psychological distress after meetings were closed due to lockdown in jails for the past four months. Permission to visit relatives will have a positive effect on the health and psyche of prisoners If prisoners meet their families, their wives and children, they lighten the burden of their hearts A death row inmate in the district jail Met his 7-year-old son

His name was Hasnain, he said For the first time since my father was imprisoned It’s been 4 months

I saw my dad and talked now I could not sleep at night I cried all night Now I have met my father

I will have a good night’s sleep. Remember as an incident took place in Gujarat Jail 4 days ago

Prisoners rioted at Gujarat District Jail All the prisoners climbed on the roofs. He broke into the jail and set it on fire Two officers and two prisoners were injured in the clashes

District Jail Superintendent Ali Akbar Gujjar  Told  Whoever is coming to visit the family of the prisoners

Our police men They are wearing sunny teasers And the families of the visiting prisoners and the prisoners are also being given face masks and hand gloves. And they said For those who come to visit the prisoners Excellent setting made Where the families of the prisoners are at ease

Sit down and meet your family