Pro-US govt installed to favour Israel, says JI emir

Pro-US govt installed to favour Israel, says JI emir

PESHAWAR, MAY 20: Jamaat-i-Islami leader Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman has claimed that whenever Pakistan progresses, democracy is disrupted and pro-American governments are put in place to pave the way for recognizing Israel.

Speaking at the Gaza Million March in Peshawar on Sunday, he urged the government to recognize Hamas and bring injured Palestinians to Pakistan. He highlighted that many Palestinians, including women and children, have been killed, yet they continue their struggle against Israeli actions.

Rehman called on COAS Gen Asim Munir to convene a meeting of the military and political leaders to send a strong message to Israel. He criticized the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) for not taking enough action, questioning what they have done so far.

Commenting on Pakistan’s internal issues, Rehman noted that even before the annual budget announcement, it was clear that more taxes were planned. He stated that militancy has plagued the country for over 22 years, resulting in thousands of deaths and significant financial losses.

Prof Muhammad Ibrahim, the JI leader for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, claimed that over 35,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed by Israeli forces in Gaza. He described the Gaza Million March as a Jihad conference for Palestine and expressed readiness to fight for Palestinian independence if allowed by the government.

Former senator Mushtaq Ahmed suggested that to stop Israeli actions in Palestine, a sit-in should be held outside the parliament, presidency, prime minister’s house, or the US embassy in Islamabad.