Protest camp to be held in front of EU External Action Service in Brussels


BRUSSELS, JUL 30 /DNA/ – A protest camp would be setup in front of European External Action Service (EU foreign Ministry) in Brussels, the capital of Belgium (at 3 pm) on Thursday, 4th August 2022.

The event would be organized by Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) in connection day of 5th August 2019, when Indian government annulled special status of Jammu and Kashmir and imposed lockdown in the occupied Kashmir. A number of Kashmiri leaders and political workers were arrested in the occupied territory and atrocities against the people of Kashmir were increased.

In a statement from Brussels,   Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed said, purpose of the protest camp is to highlight the brutalities against the people of Kashmir committed and other illegal acts in the occupied Kashmir conducted by the Indian authorities.

He called for end of atrocities in the illegally occupied Kashmir especially violence against the Kashmiri women and children.

Chair of KC-EU asked the international community including UN and EU to play their role for ending atrocities in occupied Jammu and Kashmir and implementation of the United Nations Security Council resolutions giving the right to self-determination to the Kashmiri people. He also called for withdrawal of occupation forces, an end to its state terrorism, end of genocidal repression, rape, gang-rape, torture, and degrading treatment of Kashmiri men, women, and children. He also demanded easy physical access of international human right organization to the occupied Kashmir. Ali Raza Syed also called for unconditionally release of all detained Kashmiris including political figures in connection with resistance to the Indian occupation.

Chairman Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) Ali Raza Syed also expressed serious concerns on the deteriorating health condition of the illegally imprisoned Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik.

Yasin Malik was shifted to a hospital after his worsened health condition in New Delhi’s infamous Tihar Jail on Tuesday. He was on an indefinite hunger strike since Friday (July 22) to protest against the unfair trial in the cases registered against him. Yasin Malik demanded to be allowed to appear before the court of law and give response to the fake allegations.  

Chairman of KC-EU) urged world’s human loving nations, human rights organizations and international community to take serious notice of declining health of Yasin Malik. 

 Life of Yasin Malik is in danger and his health has been declined due to hunger strike and Indian pressure on him, Ali Raza Syed said. He asked European Union to take serious and immediate action and send its specially delegation to Inda in order to prevent threats to the life of Yasin Malik. Indian authorities should be pressurized to accept the demands of Yasin Malik and release him without any delay. It is moral duty of international community to compel India to provide justice to Yasin Malk. Kashmir Council EU also wrote letters to UN and EU authorities asking them to take swift and serious notice of critical health and fair demand of Yasin Malik.

Ali Raza Syed also expressed   grave concerns over the hardships of Shabbir Ahmad Shah and other Kashmiri prisoners  in the Indian prisons.

He said, Hurriyat leaders and activists lodged in Tihar Jail have been deprived of their basic rights.    Chairman KC-EU also demanded for a notice of the severe situation of human rights in occupied Kashmir and particularly conditions of noted Kashmiri prisoners including Yasin Malik, Shabbir Shah, and human rights activists Khurram Parvez and Ahsan Untoo.

Ali Raza Syed asked the international community to play its role for a peaceful resolution of Kashmir and said, participation of the Kashmiri leadership in all round of the peace process on Kashmir should be ensured.