Protesters blocked road against uncalled load shedding


PESHAWAR, Jun 24 (APP): Residents of the Yaka Tut area came out on the streets against unannounced load shedding of electricity in Peshawar with the protesters blocking the road for all kinds of traffic.

There is no electricity since morning due to extreme heat in neighboring areas including Zargarabad, Shahi Bagh, Fidabad, Bari Bagh and even at night, the series of electric shocks continue, the protestors said during their protest.

Due to illegal load-shedding neither the electricity in the day nor in the night due to which the people of the area have been facing adequate drinking water in this hot weather. The children and women are also suffering badly due to uncalled load-shedding, protesters said.

The protestors shouted slogans against WAPDA officials. Due to the power outage, drinking water has also disappeared in the houses, the protestors said.