Providing clean, hygienic food to citizens is responsibility of all of us: President ICCI


ISLAMABAD, JUN 23 /DNA/ – President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari has said that cleanliness is a part of our faith and the identity of any developed society. It is the responsibility of all stakeholders, including food authorities, restaurants, to ensure the provision of healthy food to citizens in a clean environment. The establishment of Food Authority is a very welcome step for the federal capital. The authority has excellent and professional officers, Islamabad Chamber will provide full support to the authority and restaurants in the implementation of food standards. Will manage the training of the staff related to the food sector.

He expressed these views yesterday while addressing a training workshop for the staff of hotels and restaurants in Islamabad organized by Islamabad Chamber and Food Authority. He said that Islamabad as the federal capital has global recognition, ambassadors, guests and other people from all over the world are constantly coming to this city, so we need to focus on improving the quality here at every level. The food sector is very important to the identity of any city. I am glad that the government has taken the best step to set up a functioning Food Authority which will ensure enforcement of food standards. All hotel and restaurant ensure their cooperation with the Authority.

Cleanliness, hygiene and quality can be improved only if we all work together. He said that the Islamabad Chamber will organize staff training in collaboration with the Food Authority. In this regard, short-term training will be given to the staff by the Punjab Food Authority. All hotels and restaurants should ensure the participation of their staff. He said that I am aware that the authority lacks funds, we demand from the government that the funding of this most important institution should be ensured in any case. He said that taking photos during the raids of hotels and restaurants by the Food Authority and sharing them on social media is tantamount to defaming the name of the respective brand, it should be banned. Speaking on the occasion, Director Food Authority Dr. Tahira Siddique said that as a regulator, the main task of Food Authority is to ensure the implementation of SOPs. If the staff of hotels and restaurants pay attention to some basic points, this problem can be solved. He said that the authority has prepared 24-point SOPs, which will be provided to all hotels and restaurants. Mosquito repellent spray should be ensured after closing the outlet concerned. The medical tests of the staff should be done in a timely and continuous manner, the quality of the food should be ensured. The staff should also take special care of their cleanliness.

He said that photos and videos are taken during raids only to improve the efficiency of the authority and for records. The authority does not release them to social media or the media. Speaking on the occasion, Vice President Chamber Engineer Azhar ul Islam said that the aim of this awareness workshop is to provide basic training to the staff associated with the food sector, Islamabad Chamber will continue this series. He said that I am grateful to the Food Authority for its participation and provision of awareness. Secretary General UBG Zafar Bakhtawari, President Anjuman Tajran Ajmal Baloch, Executive Member Muhammad Naeem and others also addressed the workshop.