PTI calls for judicial commission to investigate attack on Raoof Hasan

PTI calls for judicial commission to investigate attack on Raoof Hasan

ISLAMABAD: PTI leaders called for a judicial commission to investigate the attack on spokesman Raoof Hasan. At a press conference, PTI leader Omar Ayub detailed the brutal nature of the attack on Hasan.

Hasan’s aorta was cut and his face slashed with a sharp instrument.

Ayub described the attack as a clear attempt on Hasan’s life.

He criticized the police for a flawed First Information Report (FIR).

Ayub questioned why the FIR did not mention terrorism, which he believes the attack was.

He suggested external pressure influenced the FIR to downplay the incident.

PTI demands a judicial commission to thoroughly investigate the attack.

Ayub mentioned a letter from six judges about agency personnel’s involvement.

He warned that attacks on PTI leaders could trigger peaceful protests against the government.

Raoof Hasan called the attack an attempted murder.

He spoke about the hardships PTI faced, including media suppression and institutional humiliation.

Hasan accused individuals within institutions of trying to destroy PTI’s leadership.

He shared details of being followed, punched, and threatened recently.

Despite clear evidence, including CCTV footage, the attackers remain free.

Hasan said the attackers aimed to slit his throat, and the incident damaged the state’s integrity.

He urged the nation to stand up for justice, warning of the state’s future at stake.

Hasan compared current events to the crisis of 1971, urging national action.

He concluded by saying it’s a critical time for the nation to protect the state’s future.