PTI calls for ‘shut down’ protests against Imran Khan’s abduction


Great Pakistanis come out from homes, as Imran fighting war of your future generation: Qureshi
Entire world shown, no law left in country: Asad
Fawad urges nation to come out as Khan abducted by unknown people to unknown location
Law of jungle in operation, as Rangers abducted PTI Chairman: Mazari
Nation should hold strong protests as Khan sacrificed everything for real independence: Farrukh
Come out from homes across country because leader of Ummah abducted, tortured: Murad


ISLAMABAD, MAY 9: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leadership strongly condemned the abduction and illegal detention of PTI Chairman Imran Khan from Islamabad High Court’s (IHC) premises and urged the nation to come out across the country immediately against the rising state fascism, as it is a ‘make and break moment’.
PTI senior leadership, in their strong worded-reaction to the PTI Chairman’s unlawful arrest and abduction, appealed that entire nation should come onto the streets in support of their beloved leader, as it was a decisive moment.
They said that the Rangers broke into IHC to abduct Imran Khan, which was unacceptable.
PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi urged that people across the country should come out in support of Imran Khan who was abducted from the court’s premises in a false and fabricated case.
“Great Pakistanis, today you people have to come out from your homes with your children and females for your great leader Imran Khan to show solidarity with PTI Chairman who is fighting war of your future generation,” Qureshi appealed.
He said that no one should be sitting at home today if they wanted real freedom.
PTI Central Secretary General Asad Umer reacted that Pakistan’s biggest political leader was arrested after attacking IHC.
“The whole world is being shown that there is no law left in the country,” he added.
Asad stated that a 7-member committee headed by Qureshi, which was formed by Imran Khan, would announce the plan of action.
In his strong reaction, PTI Senior Vice President Fawad Chaudhry said that former PM Imran Khan has been abducted from court’s premises, scores of lawyers and general people have been tortured. He urged the people to come out of their homes, as IHC has been attacked.
He said that Imran Khan has been whisked away by unknown people to an unknown location, adding that Chief Justice IHC has ordered Secretary Interior and IG police to appear within 15 minutes in the court.
In a reaction, PTI Senior Vice President Dr. Shireen said that the courts was attacked by Rangers as if invading an occupied land – lawyers and IHC staff also beaten. “This is Pakistan today – a fascist State where IHC has been attacked by paramilitary forces,” she added.
Mazari went on to say that it was a state terrorism to break into IHC premises to abduct Imran Khan from court premises. “Law of the jungle in operation, as Rangers beat the lawyers, used violence on Imran Khan and abducted him,” she added.
PTI Central Secretary Information Farrukh Habib reacted that Imran Khan sacrificed everything for the true freedom of the nation and now it was the turn of the nation to come onto the streets to ensure his early and safe release from illegal detention.
He asked Chief Justice Amir Farooq that today his real test as Khan came to appear in his court and abducted from the premises of the IHC. He feared that Imran Khan’s life was in danger.
Farrukh stated that Abdul Qadir University was an educational institution and there was nothing in the name of Imran Khan or Bushra Bibi, as NAB was being used on the front and behind was the same Dirty Harry who issued press release the other day.
PTI senior leader Murad Saeed urged the entire nation to bring the whole country’s machinery into grinding halt, as it was decisive phase because the detained and tortured the leader of the ummah.
PTI senior leader Dr. Iftikhar Durrani reacted that Pakistan has officially turned into a lawless republic, a former Prime Minister has been illegally abducted by law enforcement, Rangers, in the presence of higher judiciary, former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s life is under serious threat. All international organisations must put note, he added.