PTI calls Khan’s historic conversation with CJP, judges a sole panacea to country’s untold problems


Lawlessness, crises will begin to subside if judiciary stands up to protect constitution, fundamental rights: PTI Spokesperson

ISLAMABAD, JUN 7 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) dubbed the historic conversation between its Founding Chairman Imran Khan and Chief Justice of Pakistan and fellow judges as a sole panacea to pull the country out of the quagmire of despair, lawlessness and hysteria, as it was not about his own cases, but about the future of Pakistan and the rule of law.

PTI Spokesperson, in his reaction over Imran Khan’s historic conversation with the CJP and fellow judges during NAB Amendments case proceeding, highly praised PTI Chairman-for-life for his leadership qualities and commitment to democracy, who showed the way forward for Pakistan’s progress and prosperity despite facing severe hardship and injustices.

He stated that the conversation of the nation’s most credible leader, who has been wrongly imprisoned for ten months in Adiala Jail, was filled with love for the country and was a testament to his leadership and statesmanship.

PTI Spokesperson pointed out that despite being deeply hurt by the worst political revenge and state cruelty, PTI Founding Chairman put his country’s case before the judges of the top court, instead of himself.

He emphasized that the PTI Chairman-for-life, Imran Khan, courageously pointed out to the Supreme Court the sinister presence of dictatorship’s ‘bloodthirsty teeth’ embedded in the very fabric of the country’s constitution and democracy, highlighting the urgent need for their extraction to ensure the nation’s progress and prosperity.

PTI Spokesperson said that Imran Khan pointed out in front of the CJP and his fellow judges how the undeclared martial law in the country, which was strangling democracy, law, and the rights of 24 crore citizens.

He stated that Imran Khan, who was the only voice against rampant corruption in the country, had been subjected to the worst political revenge by NAB, which was dancing on the tune of the powers that be, but he was not willing to compromise on the loot and destruction of national resources and institutions.

PTI Spokesperson stated that Pakistan’s future was linked to democracy, the rule of law, and the sovereignty of the people, and for this, the judiciary had to play its proactive role to put an end on the state brutalities and ensure supremacy of constitution and rule of law in the country.

He noted that despite being the victim of the worst injustice, the leader of the nation was looking towards the judiciary to achieve justice for his country and the nation.

PTI Spokesperson emphasized that if the judiciary stood up to protect the sanctity of the constitution and fundamental rights, the lawlessness and crisis would begin to subside instead of giving political advice to the leader who was unjustly imprisoned and targeted for the worst political revenge.

He said that the path shown by nation beloved leader to the state, especially the judiciary, was the path to the survival and development of Pakistan. “May wisdom prevail over ignorance and the nation and country prosper,” he prayed.