PTI calls past two years darkest, most catastrophic in history of Pakistan

PTI Core Committee devises a multi-pronged strategy to deal with judges’ letter issue


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf dubbed the past two years after the ouster of an elected public mandated Imran Khan-led government through regime change conspiracy as the darkest and most catastrophic years in the history of Pakistan, as the cabal of crooks imposed on the nation through intrigue plunged the country into the worst political and economic instability, where violation of constitutional and law reigned supreme.

PTI Spokesperson, in a strongly-worked reaction over the completion of two years of the regime change conspiracy against the elected democratic government and destruction of the state system, said that a conspiracy was hatched a well-performing democratic government under an external dictations and vested interests to put the country an endless chain of destruction the country, ushering a new era of lawlessness, violation of the constitution, law and democratic values in Pakistan.

He stated that the independence of the judiciary was destroyed at all levels and it was made as the main facilitator in murdering the justice during these two years, adding that judges who insisted on the supremacy of the constitution and law were subjected of revenge and the judiciary was virtually rendered ineffective through open accusations, insults and division.

PTI Spokesperson recalled that despite formal warnings by the Prime Minister Imran Khan and the then Finance Minister, the economy, which was growing at the rate of 6 percent per year, was brought below zero due to the ensuing political instability.

He stated that during these two years, the people right to vote and the public mandate were trampled on and openly insulted, besides imposing worst censorship and ban on political activities and freedom of press, as the constitution was virtually made irrelevant and all the resources and institutions of the state were left at the mercy of the elements who disliked the constitution instead of the law.

PTI Spokesperson lamented that the spirit of democracy had been destroyed, the people’s right to representation and election were taken away through a historic shameful political engineering with reprehensible facilitation of the most dishonest Election Commission.

He blasted that the planners who attempted to assassinate the country’s most trusted and beloved political leader and former prime minister in broad daylight and used court to minus him from politics were enjoyed full state protection and patronage.

PTI Spokesperson pointed out that after failure to get the desired goals through nefarious regime change conspiracy, an infamous false flag operation in the name of May 9 was carried out to turn Pakistan into a banana republic and the entire state power and resources were ruthlessly used to dismantle the most formidable political.

He said that the jails were filled with innocent political workers and leaders and attempts were made to seize power and politics unlawfully through an unending brutal series of custodial torture, kidnapping for statements and forced divorces.

PTI Spokesperson recalled that the thieves and thugs first took advantage of the regime change conspiracy and later from the planners of May 9 to forgive the theft of whooping Rs. 1100 billion, making NAB a state weapon of political revenge and political engineering.

He said that the people were crushed under the burden of the worst inflation, besides destroying all sectors including industry, agriculture and trade, rendering millions of people jobless, pushing huge number of population below the poverty line.

PTI Spokesperson said that the crooks deviated the country from the path of self-sufficiency and self-reliance and placed at the feet of the IMF due to the imposed rulers incompetence and inaptness.

He went on to say that the truth about all the important incidents such as the cipher, the assassination attack on Imran Khan, the illegal secret recordings, the martyrdom of Arshad Sharif and the IHC judges’ startling letter regarding spy agencies’ meddling in judicial affairs were part of the larger scheme to protect and culprits in these heinous acts from punishment.

PTI Spokesperson said that these self-centered and corrupt clique isolated Pakistan globally, adding that they compromised on the principled national policy on Kashmir and Palestine and secret efforts were made to recognize Israel and restore relations with the Modi government.

He noted that borders were destabilized that encouraged enemies of the country and terrorists instead of taking any effective measures to rein in the upsurge in terrorist attacks, because police, administration and agencies were engaged in rounding up political workers and taking away their fundamental and constitutional rights.

PTI Spokesman said that the public mandate was stolen in the daylight on February 8 and the elected majority was turned into a minority through mega polls fraud to impose the defeated elements on the nation through tampered form 47.

He went on to say that a criminal attempt was made to further weaken the federal government by electing the touts of their choice from the incomplete houses, adding that despite immense cruelty and endless sacrifices, neither the credible and trusted leader of the nation was tired nor the 24 crore Pakistanis standing behind him were ready to accept the seizure of powers fraudulently.

PTI Spokesperson made it clear that the people would soon launch a historic movement to block the ways of the outsiders who forcibly seized power in future and to make them abide by the constitution, besides reclaiming the public mandate to give the government to the truly public elected political party.