PTI condemns attempts to bar Khan from appearing in SC under pretext of security risks



ISLAMABAD, MAY 15: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) vehemently denounced the delay in proceedings of the bogus, fabricated and politically motivated cases against PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan and the ban on Imran Khan and Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s meetings in false pretext of security risks under a proper plan to bar Imran Khan from appearing in Supreme Court through video link in NAB amendments case today (Thursday).

Speaking at a press conference along with PTI leaders advocate Abuzar Salman Niazi and Naeem Panjutha, PTI Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan said that they were extremely concerned and worried about Imran Khan’s wellbeing, as he was not being allowed to conduct his medical tests for 15-20 days despite courts’ orders.

He said that like Bushra Bibi was denied medical check for two months, PTI Founding Chairman was being denied the facility to conduct medical tests from Shaukat Khanum Hospital. He said that Imran Khan was not being provided the entitled facilities as a prisoner.

Raoof expressed apprehensions over the strange developments during the past two days, as Imran Khan’s security guards were suddenly changed at midnight and hearings of Al-Qader, Cipher and Toshakhana cases were postponed under various excuses, while the government’s counsel in Iddat case suddenly left the country, which was concerning.

PTI CIS stated that the apex court ordered yesterday present Imran Khan through a video link, but the present fake rulers were petrified of his image; hence efforts were afoot to bar him from appearing in SC under the guise of security plan.

Raoof flayed the government for its reaction over the letter written by Islamabad High Court Justice Babar Sattar, who informed Chief Justice IHC that he was asked to back off from the audio leak case and added that unfortunately meddling into the judicial affairs were going on, but the fake government instead of finding solution to the problems, the touts started targeting the honorable judges of their malicious propagandas.

However, he expressed optimism that after the silent revolution on February 8, silent revolution was taking place in the judiciary and PTI as a political party would fully support the judges who stood with law and justice.

Raoof contended that the government tried to prove IHC judge a liar like CJP called Commissioner Rawalpindi’s testimony about polls fraud as a lie without any investigation. 

PTI CIS lamented that Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) was main handicap in the path of justice and restoration of constitutional supremacy and rule of law, as the entire judiciary including all judges of high courts were admitting the intelligence agencies’ inference in judicial affairs but he (CJP) was fighting with the entire judiciary and denied to accept the bitter reality.

Raoof demanded that CJP and the Chief Election Commissioner as the biggest obstacle in the way of the constitution and law in the country; hence they should immediately quit their positions.

He quoted Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani’s statement, who stated that the doors and windows of the IHC were smashed and a person was taken away from the court’s premises but what happened inside the high court they even could not investigate it.

Similarly, he quoted Justice Tariq Mohammad Jahangiri as saying that judges became judges for honor, otherwise judges have no freedom, as everything of judges was being recorded here, as they are like prisoners.

About Dubai leaks, he said that the leaking ruling elite: politicians, judges, generals, bureaucrats and business tycoons join hands to make Pakistani community the second largest purchaser of properties in Dubai worth more than $12 billion. “As the state goes around the world with a begging bowl collecting loans to survive another day, the corrupt ruling elite launder their illicit billions in lavish properties in the Middle East and throughout the world,” he added. “No shame. No remorse. No accountability. No wonder we are where we are – and sinking further,” Raoof stated.

Speaking on the occasion, Abuzar Salman asked that security agencies were breaking the privacy of people under which law, adding that they had been saying about the meddling in the judicial affairs for the past two years.

He made it clear that the purpose of the intervention was to take decisions of their choice and when decisions were being made as per someone choice, then the constitution and law had to be sacrificed.

 Abuzar stated that the powerful people of the country did not like what the LHC Chief Justice was doing right now, as he gave five judges for the appointment in Anti-Terrorism Court but notification was not being issued hitherto because they want appointment of judges of their choice.

Similarly, he said that the names of two judges were only selected for the Election Tribunal and the rest were not selected; otherwise as per the law, the names sent by the Chief Justice should have been notified.

Speaking on the occasion, Panjutha blasted three touts, who addressed press conference against Justice Babar Sattar and added that they were sent to address presser when the judge summoned all agencies officials as to why they were recoding the private conversation of the people.

He lauded the judge who refused to back off despite threats and intimidations and demanded that all institutions should work within the ambit of the constitu`tion and law.