PTI condemns brazen attempted assassination of Ali Zaman, demands KP govt to bring perpetrators to justice


ISLAMABAD, JUN 8 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) strongly and unequivocally condemned the brazen attempted assassination of Ali Zaman, the General Secretary of the Insaf Lawyers Forum in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, by unknown assailants, demanding that the provincial government should take immediate and decisive action to identify and apprehend the perpetrators of this heinous act, and bring them to justice.
PTI Spokesperson strongly reacted to the assassination attempt on Ali Zaman Advocate, who was also a PTI candidate for PK-73 in the February 8 general elections, and said that the motivations behind the attack were starkly evident following the earlier attempted murder of PTI Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan.
The spokesperson asserted that the nation was now fully cognizant of the sinister ambitions and objectives of the federal agencies, as well as their modus operandi.
He made it clear that Ali Zaman was subjected to the attempted assassination for his biggest crimes to seek justice for the victims of the state fascism under the guise of May 9 false flag operation and his refusal to accept turning his victory in the provincial seat into defeat through forged form 47 by mandate thieves.
PTI Spokesperson urged the provincial government to leave no stone unturned to expose the perpetrators of the heinous crime and to make the culprits an example. He prayed for Ali Zaman’s speedy and complete recovery.
PTI Spokesperson underlined that the State machinery was not to slaughter the citizens like sheep and goats, but they were bound to respect and guard their life, wealth and dignity, adding that the Constitution was the guarantor of the protection of life, property and honour of the citizens and the judiciary was bound to protect them.
He stated that the public’s confidence in the justice system would erode if judiciary showed any weakness and failure to guard the citizens against such attacks.
PTI Spokesperson said that instead of considering the murderous attacks on political workers and leaders as individual incidents, the judiciary should see it in the context of the overall state fascism and should take preventive and punitive measures to rein in the bloody thirsty jungle rulers so as they could not shed blood of innocent Pakistani anymore.
He went on to say that if the constitution and law were not made to guarantee the safety and security of the lives and property of the citizens, the country may be plunge into a internal chaos and mayhem and for all this, the king of the jungle, his ‘Chora squad’ along with the political and administrative conglomerate of pigmies would be responsible who were flouting the law and constitution as their free will.