PTI demands Imran Khan’s release, respect to public mandate

Imran seems ready to bury the hatchet

Snatching public mandate tantamount to enmity with country: PTI Spokesperson

ISLAMABAD, FEB 13 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) demanded the public mandate must be respected because it was pre-requisite for survival and strength of the state and PTI Chairman-for-life Imran Khan should be released instantly since he was the only leader who could pull the country out of the prevailing quagmire of problems.

PTI Spokesperson made it clear that the elements who were hell-bent on desecration and snatching the mandate of the people to impose the criminals were enemies of the country because such attempts would further wide fissure between the state and the people, which would further weaken the state.

He hinted that there was possibility of talks with everyone to bring political and economic stability in the country provided the stolen mandate was returned to the real representatives and rightful people of the country.

PTI Spokesperson stated that the people, especially the young generation, under the leadership of PTI Founding Chairman, gave PTI the right of their representations in unequivocal manner, ignoring it would be tantamount to the enmity with the county.

He went on to say that the nation had given a clear and unwavering expression of Imran Khan’s leadership with their power of votes and only he had the ability to bring Pakistan out of the current untold crises.