PTI denounces Punjab govt for coercing judiciary, barring Omar from entering ATC Sargodha

PTI denounces Punjab govt for coercing judiciary, barring Omar from entering ATC Sargodha

PTI Spokesperson urges CJP, CJ LHC to take notice of police brazen meddling in judicial affairs, punish culprits

ISLAMABAD, JUN 10 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) strongly condemned the incident in which the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly and PTI Central Secretary General, Umar Ayub, along with other Members of Parliament, were prevented from entering the Anti-Terrorism Court in Sargodha by the unelected and mandate-thief government of Punjab, as part of a malicious and well-thought-out plot to coerce the judiciary into making decisions of their choice.

PTI Spokesperson urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Justice LHC to take strong notice of the brazen interference in judicial affairs and police fascism.

He said that the mandate thief PML-N had a long history of armed attacks on courts to force judges to take favourable decisions, adding that this move was seen as a blatant attempt to intimidate the judiciary and prevent them from delivering justice.

PTI Spokesperson demanded Speaker of the National Assembly to take strict action against Chief Minister Punjab, Home Secretary Punjab, Chief Secretary Punjab and Home Secretary Punjab along with IG Punjab for insulting the Parliament and the court by forcibly preventing Omar Ayub, nominated Deputy Parliamentary Leader of PTI Ahmed Chatta from entering the Sargodha ATC.

He recalled that the mandate thief Punjab government had a black history of worst interference in judicial affairs by holding the court hostage and committing open desecration of the courts and justice system.

PTI Spokesperson stated that the purpose of preventing the NA Opposition Leader and other MPs from entering the court was to coerce the court to take decision at gunpoint while deny justice to public representatives.

He went on to say that under the law of jungle, the unelected representative governments in Punjab and the Center made bullying and intimidation as new norm.

PTI Spokesperson said that the trend of holding judges hostage and occupying the courts were being used as new tactics to prevent the courts from delivering justice, as such brazen interference in judicial affairs had already been described by six judges of the Islamabad High Court in their in the letter.

He said that the propaganda campaign based on accusations and intimidations launched by the touts of the fake prime minister and chief minister was also part of the same sinister plan.

PTI Spokesperson asserted that the judiciary had the responsibility to ensure the rule of law and fundamental human rights along with the protection of the institution’s dignity.

He urged that CJP, Chief Justice of LHC should immediately take notice of this gruesome incident to ensure the protection of the judiciary and the rights of the people and bring the responsible of this blatant interference in judicial affairs to justice.

PTI Spokesperson urged that NA Speaker should take practical steps to protect the sanctity and rights of the parliament and the elected members of the august house instead of turning a blind eye to the unfortunate incident.

He made it clear that PTI would resist any attempts to undermine the judiciary and parliament, and would not let the mafia dictate the law.