PTI hits out at Tarar for his absurd accusations

‘No letter written to EU nor plan to’: PTI rejects info minister’s statements


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson hit out at the fake Information Minister Attaullah Tarar for his absurd, slanderous, nonsensical and insane accusations, saying that neither the PTI had written any letter to European Union (EU) to revoke Pakistan’s GSP+ status nor had any plan to do so.

PTI Spokesperson strongly reacted the fake information minister’s press conference and rejected his baseless and groundless accusations, which, he said, was nothing but a pack of lies, falsehoods, rubbish and nonsense. 

He made it clear that the party had neither written any letter to the EU nor was there any plan to do so rather it was only after PTI Chairman-for-life Imran Khan’s assurance, the IMF agreed to release the second tranche of its bailout package for Pakistan.

PTI Spokesperson blasted that the courtiers of Jati Umra, who got ministries as a reward for their obedience and subjugation before their Sharif masters, had lost their sense and unleashed a new series of lies and absurd talks, insisting that the mandate thieves should bring back the plundered national wealth stationed abroad to the country to stabilize the crippling economy of Pakistan instead of lecturing on patriotism.

He reminded that the efforts of PTI and its Founding Chairman for the success of the IMF program were before everyone even in the face of the worst oppression and suppression and political victimization.

PTI Spokesperson challenged that this joker should muster the courage to tell the truth to the nation that actually the program was delayed due to stubbornness of Ishaq Dar and his party, which was even admitted openly by the then PML-N’s ministers.

He went on to say that PTI was the largest and most popular single party in Pakistan having representation in all federal units.

PTI Spokesperson lamented that the gang of criminals who brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy was once again imposed on the nation fraudulently.

He stated that the sole objective of these so-called ‘experienced’ ministers of PDM Part-2 was not the national welfare but to fill their coffers by looting the national treasury ruthlessly once again.

PTI Spokesperson suggested that it would be better for the fake government of form 47 to shun the tradition of the politics of lies and deceits and should make welfare and prosperity of the country and its people topmost priority.