PTI lambasts mandate thieves for targeting upright judges

PTI lambasts mandate thieves for targeting upright judges


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan came down hard on the mandate thieves for their organized assaults, onslaught and malicious campaign against upright judges especially in the aftermath of the letter penned by six judges of IHC and the inputs received from high courts, which were a clear reflective of a silent revolution brewing within the judiciary.

However, he made it clear that PTI would standby the judiciary and law and would continue its struggle for supremacy of constitution and rule of law come what may.

Speaking at a press conference here on Tuesday, he said that the judiciary was under all-out assault at the hands of those fraudulently imposed on the country through forged form 47 after high courts judges took bold stand for independence of judiciary by exerting their own authority.

Raoof stated that the wakening in judiciary faced strong resistance from mandate thieves because independent judiciary and neutral judges did not suit them that was the reason they resorted to mudslinging against IHC six judges and even leaked their families’ details, after they wrote a letter detailing the meddling of spy agencies in the judiciary’s affairs, in a bid to pressurize them to take decisions of their choice.

However, he pointed out that silent revolution was taking place in judiciary as other high courts also endorsed interference in their affairs, which further worried the national criminals because they did not have roots in the public, adding that they had a long history of buying judges and attacking courts.

He recalled that the mafia suited judges like Rafiq Tarar and Justice Qayyum, who were ready to give verdicts as per their aspirations on merely a phone call, adding that time changed but unfortunately the mentality of these criminals witnessed further degradation, as they wanted total control of all state institutions.

Raoof pointed that the public sentiments changed and it’s glimpse was seen recently in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and it was high time the government should realize the sensitivity of the situation in Pakistan before it was too late.

He recalled that the Commissioner Rawalpindi exposed the reality of February 8 general elections but he was disappeared and no one knew about his whereabouts.

PTI CIS said that LHC Chief Justice proposed 8 names for elections tribunals but only two names were approved by the Punjab government and asked the LHC Chief justice to present a penal of judges, which was against the law and constitution.

He stated that LHC chief justice refused to budge an inch from his just stance and rejected the unjust demand of the provincial government.  

Raoof pointed out that the mandate thieves were even scared of PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan’s shadows, which could be judged from the reaction over his leaked picture from court room, as the government instantly ordered probe into the photo leak.

He said that the proceeding of the fake and fabricated Iddat case against Imran Khan was being delayed just to prolong his unlawful stay in the jail; however, he made it clear that he would fight all bogus cases in the court of law but would not strike a deal in any circumstances.

About Punjab Defamation Bill, Raoof said that the fake Form 47 government wanted to with such absurd legislation aimed to stifle dissent and critique by imposing draconian measures, adding that Punjab government continued its legacy of controlling media and journalists.

Raoof said that PTI strongly rejected the Punjab Defamation bill and urged journalists organizations and human rights organisations including HRCP, PFUJ, APNS, CPNE and PUJ to jointly raise voice against this unjust move to foil the government’s nefarious plot.