PTI slams fascist govt for farmers’ economic murder, use of force

PTI demands Bushra Bibi be shifted to Shaukat Khanum hospital forthwith


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf lambasted the fake inept Punjab government for economic murder of farmers by destroying their livelihoods through its wrong, flawed and anti-people policies and strongly condemned the harassment and use of force against the famers.

PTI Spokesperson, in a strongly-worded reaction over the farmers’ protest against the mandate theft government’s delay in procuring wheat and harassment of farmers, vehemently denounced the detention of Punjab Kisan Board head and harassment of the farmer leaders through illegal raids at their houses.

He noted that the farmers were coerced to sell wheat in the open market at a much lower than the officially fixed rate owing to the inept and incompetent imposed government’s faulty and anti-poor policies with regard to the procurement of wheat.

PTI Spokesperson recalled that history was a witness that whenever pirates of Jati Umra grabbed the powers, who were anti-people, they did the worst economic exploitation of the farmers of the country.

He warned the mandate thieves against shifting and placing of the burden of their worst economic policies onto the shoulders of the farmers, adding that it was estimated that the rural economy specially the farmers would face billions rupees of loss due to the possibility of selling wheat at a rate 20% or 25% less than the farmers support price.

PTI Spokesperson pointed out that the farmers were bearing the brunt of the government’s wrong decision of importing 3 million tons of more wheat then the local’s needs in October.

He asked that the government should give an explanation as to what was the strategy and rational behind importing extra wheat at such high price.

PTI Spokesperson went on to say that the fake government’s flawed policies and mismanagement as well as its inability to ensure timely purchase would directly impact the public in the form of expensive flour.

He reminded that Imran Khan-led government had adopted a commendable policy to put the struggling economy back on the track by giving farmers a better reward for their hard work.

PTI Spokesperson highlighted that the during the PTI government, the farmers were given reasonable and timely payments ever first time in the history of the country, resultantly a total of Rs. 1100 billion were added to the rural economy of the country.

He contended that even at present, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has devised a comprehensive plan under Imran Khan’s farmer-friendly policy to purchase wheat from farmers at rate of Rs. 3,900 to prevent their exploitation.

PTI Spokesperson went on to say that after seizing powers through stealing public mandate, the mandate thieves now eyed to rob farmers and to destroy future of their children as well as the agriculture sector of the country.

He termed that the fascist Punjab government use of force against the farmers, which was the backbone of the country’s economy, was shameful, which, he warned, would pave the way for a new instability in the country.

PTI Spokesperson categorically stated that PTI stood firmly farmers and the mandate thieves would not be allowed to destroy the lives of farmers and the economy of the country under any circumstances.

He urged that the fake Punjab government should shun the project of the economic massacre of the farmers and accept their demands instantly.

PTI demanded that those responsible for importing wheat worth billions of rupees during caretaker government despite record wheat production in the country should be brought to book.