PTI spokesperson hails PHC decision of restoring ‘bat’ symbol

Elections 2024: ECP scraps PTI’s intra-party elections, revokes ‘Bat’ symbol

Vows people to bring most peaceful, unprecedented revolution on Feb 8 through power of vote

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson lauded the Peshawar High Court’s (PHC) historic decision suspending the verdict of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) pertaining to the PTI electoral symbol “bat”, vowing that the people of the country would bring the most peaceful and unprecedented revolution in the history through their power of vote on February 8, 2024 by bringing PTI into power with thumbing majority.

Reacting to the PHC’s ruling nullifying electoral watchdog’s decision regarding “bat”, PTI spokesperson said that the provincial court provided solid support to the supremacy of the constitution, rule of law, survival and continuity of democracy and people’s right to vote in the country through its significant decision, which would have far-reaching impacts on the political horizon of the country.

He termed the PHC’s decision as a victory for the peaceful constitutional, legal and political struggle of PTI in all respects.

PTI spokesperson made it clear that since the inception till today, PTI always carried forward its struggle in the light of the vision and political philosophy of its founding chairman Imran Khan and within the purview and ambit of the constitution and law.

He went on to say that PTI leaders and workers have been facing untold state oppression, fascism and the ongoing blind use of force to exclude PTI from the electoral race with great patience, dedication and steadfastness.

PTI spokesperson pointed out that despite the unimaginable series of brutality and the web of conspiracies; they continued their struggle peacefully within the framework of the constitution, law and democratic manners.

He reiterated that the PTI and its leaders and workers would strive peacefully for restoration of true justice system in the country despite all undue bias of the state institutions, the hateful and illegal tactics of the government machinery and the ongoing efforts to crush the largest representative political party of the people in the country.

PTI spokesperson stated that they would fulfil the duty of protecting the sovereignty of the people, sanctity of the vote and the protection of democracy without being a victim to any incitement and provocation.

He vowed that PTI Founding Chairman and all the captive workers and leaders would provide justice by crushing the ambitions of those who pushed the country into chaos and crisis with the power of their vote on February 8.

PTI spokesperson made it clear that the nation was all-set to bring the most peaceful and unprecedented revolution through their power of ballot on February 8 by putting the country on the path of self-reliance and self-sufficiency by ensuring the true freedom of the people of Pakistan.