PTI Spokesperson strongly condemns blackout of internet, demands SC to punish culpable

Social media platforms across Pakistan face disruption


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson strongly condemned the unconstitutional and illegal caretaker government for its illegally act of total blackout of social media across the country to stymie PTI to raise funds through a telethon, demanding that Supreme Court (SC) should take immediate notice of illegal and unjustified shutdown of internet and punish the responsible for this reprehensible act.

Strongly reacting to the shutting down of internet across the country during PTI Fund Raising Telethon, PTI Spokesperson said that the unconstitutional and illegal caretaker government was busy in usurping the basic constitutional rights of over 240 million citizens of the country.

He made it clear that this kind of reprehensible tampering with the Internet would have a very negative impact on the already fragile economy otherwise such strategy neither had been successful before nor would work in the future to deprive PTI to communicate its message to the masses.

He said that PTI was not allowed to carry out peaceful political and electoral activities, adding that erecting obstacles in completely legal digital activities during elections were worst example of coercion, fascism and misuse of power.

PTI Spokesperson noted that despite all disruptions, citizens donated crores of rupees to PTI due to PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan’s honesty and trustworthiness.

He contended that efforts were afoot with state resources to turn a clear defeat in the elections into a victory through conspiracy and state power.

PTI Spokesperson urged that the apex court should hold accountable those who inflicted huge damage to the economy of the country by shutting down/slowing the internet.

He made it clear that February 8 was a day of the victory of constitution, democracy and people’s right to vote; therefore all attempts to rob people of mandate through coercion would doom to fail.