PTI strongly rejects venomous propaganda against Khan

PTI demands Bushra Bibi be shifted to Shaukat Khanum hospital forthwith

Bhutto emblazoned on his chest odious title of first civil martial law administrator: PTI Spokesperson

ISLAMABAD, MAY 28: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) strongly rejected the venomous propaganda against PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan and PTI on the basis of the heart-wrenching events occurred during the fall of Dhaka.

Reacting to the false propaganda campaign of the mandate-thief regime including Senator Sherry Rehman and its covert and overt supporters, PTI Spokesperson said that if the dreadful events 0f 1971 were haunting Zardari’s followers and political heirs of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, it was not due to Imran Khan or PTI but the role of their political Imam Bhutto.

He called dictatorship as the biggest curse of the universe and said that the devotees of dictatorship were making all hue and cries to please the incumbent dictator.

PTI Spokesperson stated that there was panic in the stable of dictatorship and the angry mules were trample over each other, adding that Sherry Rehman was dancing on the grave to earn livelihood, who was still carrying a memo of dictatorship in his neck.

He pointed out that whenever Bhutto’s political heirs turned their faces towards history, it sent them back red-faced with slaps of facts, adding that Zardari’s followers especially Sherry who was trying to teach history lessons needed to recall their leader Bhutto’s complicit role in the fall of Dhaka.

PTI Spokesperson recalled that PTI Founding Chairman and PTI briefly mentioned the events of the 70s with the purpose to take guidance from history and avoid repeating the painful history that led to disintegration of Pakistan.

“If Imran Khan is not a patriot, then there is no patriot in this country, and if Imran Khan is not loyal to Pakistan, then those who swear loyalty to the constitution in the name of Allah and openly flout it are not even close to him,” he added.

PTI Spokesperson recalled that Bhutto’s political birth took place in the lap of dictatorship and the case of the crime of dismemberment of Pakistan was registered against him along with others, adding that in lust of power, Bhutto danced to the tunes of one man dictatorship and trampled even democracy and national integrity.

He noted that after the clear results of the general elections, Bhutto lied down in front of Yahya Khan and showed willingness to convene a session of the assembly and to avoid the transfer of power to the elected majority party, besides supporting invasion on Bangladesh.

PTI Spokesperson stated that like Sherry and others, then Bhutto and his followers were busy in creating false narratives and shining the boots of dictatorship instead of the supremacy of politics and democracy, adding that just as the PPP did not feel ashamed of facilitating the heinous crime of mandate theft in the last two years, similarly Bhutto thought it appropriate to seize power by tearing the country apart.

“It was Bhutto who emblazoned on his chest the odious title of first civil martial law administrator in our national history by pushing Pakistan and its institutions into the worst defeat,” he maintained.

PTI Spokesperson recalled that PTI, Imran Khan or its workers had no hand in the biggest crime in history against the country and nation, adding that we do not believe in handing out certificates of treason to any one, nor do we want to impose orders on national and political figures who have left the world.

However, he urged that whenever Sherry Rehman had to carry the accountability, she would have to carry the burden of Bhutto’s black deeds and the nation would seek answer for them.

PTI Spokesperson asked that how those could become patriots who brought the economy into the abyss, making the country a banana republic, turning the courts into kangaroo courts and violating the constitution with impunity, besides violating the sanctity of the family, four walls, humiliating and torturing children, elderly and women.

He urged that instead of playing tricks, they should change their course or else the nation would fix them soon.