PTI terms Dar, Kundi’s statements about talks extremely ridiculous



ISLAMABAD, JUN 1: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lashed out at fake foreign minister and KP governor for their absurd statements regarding talks and declared that the slaves fraudulently imposed on the nation did not even have the mandate and authority to slash fuel prices, let alone hold negotiations with PTI.

PTI Spokesperson said, in his strongly-worded reaction to the statements of fake Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar and fake Governor KP Faisal Karim Kundi, that inviting the largest political party of the country for talks by the mandate stealing puppets sitting in power with the help of fake Form 47 was extremely ridiculous.

He made it clear that the slaves who stole public mandates in the dark of the night and unlawfully imposed on the nation through forged form 47 hold no authority, nor do any of their words or actions have any value.

PTI Spokesperson stated that the Sharifs and Zardari’s courtiers were making hue and cries under the pretext of new propaganda campaign every day were a clear reflective that the end of their illegitimate power was near.

He stated that national criminals who seized powers with the help of striking secret deals and corruption under the auspices of powerful circles have no authority to make decisions in the national interest, adding that there was no room for reconciliation with the thieves and national criminals who had been looting the country by coming into power through deals with the powerful.

PTI Spokesperson pointed out that look at the authority of form 47 puppet Prime Minister even his “munshi” reduced the prices of petroleum products contrary to his instructions.

Similarly, he recalled that that there were several people like Javed Latif in the ranks of the mandate thieves testifying to the fact that they had been imposed on the people through polls rigging.

PTI Spokesperson reiterated that PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan has made it clear that there will be no talks with the three parties with fake mandate i.e., PML-N, PPP and MQM.

He went on to say that after pushing the country into a dead-end politically and economically, they were now begging for direct negotiations with the country’s largest and only national-level party.

PTI Spokesperson stated that after seizing power through illegitimate means and massive loot and plunder, they should seek forgiveness from the nation for its crimes and return the public mandate rather than begging for talks.