PTI to hunt down all parties in Karachi alone, roars Asad Umer


KARACHI, JAN 8 – Senior Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ( PTI ) leader Asad Umer said on Sunday the PTI would defeat all parties in the upcoming local elections and claimed the whole Karachi would support PTI chief Imran Khan.

He said disappointment had been pervasive and the country would rise again after the elections in 2023 when he claimed Imran Khan would be prime minister again, while alleging the thieves were imposed on the country and the country was being looted.

Talking about the local elections of Karachi, he urged the karachiites to support the PTI and participate in the polls in massive numbers, and also claimed the mayor would be from PTI.

Mr Umer added now the people will not accept the decisions behind closed doors and decisions should be made by the masses alone