PTI to move SC against election rigging


Pakistan made a laughing stock by assembling mandate thieves to took oath: PTI Spokesperson

Khayam Abbasi

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Shoaib Shaheen has said he will move the Supreme Court (SC) with solid evidences of rigging in the general election 2024.

Talking outside the Adiala Jail, he said in a meeting with the PTI founder post-election situation was discussed and it was a consensus that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in connivance with the Pakistan Muslim Legaue Nawaz (PML-N) managed to rig the elections.

He said Fafan had also demanded the election commissioner to resign for wide-ranging rigging in the elections.

The PTI leader said contestants were cheated through the Form 47 and the international rating agency, Moody’s also said rigging would not bring stability in Pakistan.

He said the PTI supported the IMF programme conditionally and the political stability was a must to bring economic stability.

“The electricity has increased to Rs70 per unit and the gas prices are also skyrocketing. In such circumstance, the gas and electricity bills will shoot upto Rs100,000,” he said.

He stated the Pakistan Democratic Alliance (PDM) had played havoc with the country and if the reins of the country were not handed over to the legitimate heirs, more destruction would be waiting ahead.

Shaheen hopped Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa would not be a part of the five members’ bench in cases against the PTI founder to avoid partiality.

“We are ready to recount all the constituencies of KP. Shehbaz Sharif is the enemy of 250 million Pakistanis. Maryam Nawaz is a puppet and has no authority to rule. The reserve seats are our right while the ECP is injustice to the PTI,” Shaheen concluded.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson vehemently condemned that Pakistan had been made a laughing stock in the world once again, as mandate thieves and looters of the country’s resources were assembled in the august house for oath taking despite being rejected by the masses in the general elections.

PTI Spokesperson strongly reacted to the convening of the fake session of the incomplete National Assembly and said that the same crooked people, who were imposed on the nation in the form of an infamous imported government in April 2022, took oath once again after fraudulently reaching to the lower house of the parliament by stealing public mandate.

He said that gathering the mandate thieves, looters and robbers on the floor of the sacred house of the country was tantamount to make mockery of the constitution and democracy.

PTI Spokesman lamented that the characters, who brought the country into the verge of bankruptcy and plunged the country deep into a mire during PDM era, shamelessly took oath despite lacking legitimacy and public mandate. 

He warned that giving rains of the country to the party having only 17 national assembly seats under unpractical scheme would have serious negative implications, as it could trigger serious economic and political instability in the country.

PTI Spokesperson underscored that the fake government consisting of incompetent and selfish people neither have vision nor courage to take right and bold decisions to put the country on the trajectory of progress and prosperity.

He made it clear that the PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan and the party’s soldiers having legitimate and real public mandate would never allow the mandate thieves to violate the constitution and law and rob the people’s rights.

PTI Spokesperson said that the PTI’s elected public representatives in the National Assembly would strongly resist the theft of the public mandate at all levels and would take the fight to its logical ends.

He went on to say that those, who dreamed to remove Imran Khan from political arena, faced humiliation on the floor of the house, while the house echoed with the slogans in favour of PTI Chairman-for-life.

PTI Spokesperson stated that the mandate thieves, who faced crushing defeat at the hands of the people on February 8, would face humiliation at the fake assembly as well as in the public court.