PTI urges CJP to fix May 9, Feb 8 polls fraud pleas for hearing

CJP seeks assurance from govt that army will not indulge in business

ISLAMABAD, JUN 26 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) to fix the long-pending petitions of the party regarding May 9 false flag operation, review petition of the party’s election symbol and February 8 mega polls fraud sans any further delay to bring the truth before the nation.

Addressing a press conference along with former Gilgit-Baltistan chief minister Khalid Khurshid, PTI CIS said that it was mentioned nowhere in the constitution to put the most important petition under carpet and just focus on trivial matters and unnecessary petitions on his own choice.

He urged that the chief justice to fix the party’s pending petitions including May 9 incidents, review petition, level playing fields and mega polls robbery of February 8 instead.

However, Raoof expressed dismay that several letters were written to the CJP regarding level playing fields but had gone unheard.

PTI CIS made it clear that that these acts were part of the notorious London Plan and questioned whether the CJP and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) were also complicit.

He said that the CJP repeatedly raised questions during the court proceeding regarding PTI’s intra-party elections, reminding him that PTI conducted three party polls including one under Supreme Court guidelines, but the ECP still raised questions.

Raoof said that instead of criticizing PTI, the SC should take the blame, as PTI was completely deprived of level playing fields during general elections, as the party’s candidates, their proposers and seconders were detained and threatened, adding that ECP was complicit in all these egregious acts, as the conduct of the Chief Election Commissioner was suspicious from day one.

PTI CIS asserted that they were asked to respect the constitutional body and asked whether the electoral body that conducted fraudulent election deserved any respect, as all Fafan, Patan, Commonwealth, European Union and US Congress were unanimous on the point that mega polls robbery took place on February 8.

Raoof said that the US congress passed a damning resolution with overwhelming majority of over 98 percent and raised five serious questions pertaining to credibility and transparency of the February 8 general elections, which was the most rigged polls in the country.

He mentioned that the US House of Representatives expressed robust support for democracy in Pakistan by an overwhelming 368-7 vote and condemned efforts to suppress democratic participation in the country specifically it denounced harassment, intimidation, violence, arbitrary detention, and restrictions on internet access, as well as any violations of human, civil, or political rights.

He asked that CJP should ever ask about the whereabouts of the Commissioner Rawalpindi who spelt the beans and exposed the reality of the mother of all rigged polls before the nation.

PTI CIS stated that de facto martial law was imposed in Pakistan, adding that Chinese delegation also raised question about political instability in the country.

Raoof criticized CJP for his inaction against Ahsan Iqbal and Rana Sanaullah for their criminal remarks that they would make all-out efforts to keep Imran Khan in jail unlawfully and unjustifiably.

He made it clear that PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan would soon out of incarceration come what may but the CJP should have taken notice of such criminal statements.

Talking about mandate thieves’ plan to launch military operation, Raoof categorically stated that PTI would not allow any operation in the KP, as the people of the province had already suffered enormously in war against terrorism.

However, he made it clear that PTI wanted to eliminate terrorism and was ready to cooperate but any such decision should be taken after taking onboard people and the government of the respective province.

Raoof stated that the mandate thieves priority was not to root out terrorism but to crush PTI, as seemingly they wanted to achieve political goals, demanding the power circles and power-wielders to revisit their policies and approaches.

He said that the talks could be held with the government if they returned PTI stolen mandate and release the unlawfully detained party’s workers and leaders.

Speaking on the occasion, Khalid Khurshid said that the entire world was talking about the mother of all rigged February 8 polls but the apex court did not notice of it.

He said that Qazi sahib raised questions about PTI, which held intra-party polls thrice but he remained tightlipped on the PML-N fraudulent intra-party elections, which did not have even 1000 notified members list.

Khurshid warned that when the constitution was fully restored in the country, Article 6 would be imposed on those who robbed people of their mandate.